Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anime Girl Clothing Styles

Outfits include conservative school uniforms, samurai, fantasy or vampy dress. Accessorize with wigs, jewelry and footwear. Pick ready-made outfits and wigs, or fashion your own. Step out in anime clothing styles that transform you in to an anime alter-ego.

Sport anime girl clothing styles for daywear, Cosplay events or as a Halloween costume. Think about girl characters from "Sailor Moon," "Bleach" or "Death Note," to name a few. Regard her personality and familiarize yourself with her fashion sense.

Sailor Jupiter

Re-create her clothing style with a white, glittery leotard or capped sleeve shirt. The characteristic anime schoolgirl bow has a large, emerald green ball at its center. The skirt's back features a large pink bow like a bustle. A pink beaded belt hung low on the waist, white opera gloves adorned with green cuffs and a black velvet choker with a centered gold star complete Sailor Jupiter's look. Auburn hair is pulled into a high ponytail and secured with an emerald green elastic. Sailor Jupiter sports calf-length green boots with white laces. Atop a green sailor collar, it is roughly positioned at chest height. The collar's back falls to the shoulder blades like a mini cape. An emerald green mini-skirt with gathered pleats similar to a cheerleader's skirt complements the top.

Amane Misa

Fashion a more gothic Amane with a black lace-front corset and satin mini-skirt fringed with lace. Satiny white trim edges the hem. Black arm warmers or black lace fingerless gloves and goth-style rings accessorize the look. Black slim-fitting dress boots complete the outfit.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to Wear a Wrap With a Formal Dress

Wraps can be made of sheer, lacy fabrics or in luxurious brocades and silk materials. Some are lightweight to be easily folded for storage in your purse, according to the Fashion Scarves & Shawls website.

Wraps are as versatile as the fabrics they are made of and can be used for warmth or as a fashion accessory. It is easy to wear wraps with formal evening dresses in a manner that enhances your look on the special evening.

Whether your wrap is a crocheted heirloom passed down in your relatives or something you purchased for this particular evening gown, it is important to know how to wear it.

Off the Shoulder Wrap

Step 1

Hold the wrap behind you with both arms extended with the ends of the wrap in your hands.

Step 2

Drape each end of the wrap loosely over the crook of your elbows on each side.

Step 3

Tie the wrap in a loose knot in front of your chest or simply wear it so that it falls beneath your shoulders and is draped over your arms, if the weather is not chilly or you just want to make use of it in your entrance and exit.

Shoulder Wrap

Step 1

Hold the wrap behind you with both arms extended with the wrap ends in your hands.

Step 2

Bring one hand to the opposite shoulder and drape one end of the wrap loosely over one shoulder, so that the end falls down your back.

Step 3

Bring the opposite end to the other shoulder and drape it loosely over that shoulder. This will create a warm, cozy wrap that will protect you from cool air in the event or outdoors before and after the gala.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Winter Fashion Colors

There are particular colors that just represent winter fashion more than others. While what's popular in colors and styles often changes with each season, there are some colors that are always associated with a particular time of year. For example, most people gravitate towards pastels in the spring and bright colors in the summer.

Rich Browns and Reds

Deeper colors are typically associated with the winter months. As the days get shorter and darker, the clothes get heavier and darker as well. Deep browns and burgundy first begin showing up in the fall, but they manage to stake a claim throughout the winter months as well. These shades tend to be flattering on most people, particularly deep reds and burgundy.

Navy Blue

Deep blue is a color that is pretty much appropriate for any season. Typically prominent in summer's nautical styles, navy blue is also a welcome alternative to blacks and grays in both the fall and winter. Because it is less harsh than black, it compliments pale complexions better.

Greens, Reds and Golds

Since Christmas is one of the big events of the winter, Christmas inspired colors also become popular during this time of year. Deep greens and bright reds can add a nice pop of color to your wardrobe. Gold accents in jewelry or handbags are also nice during this time of year. The warm color of gold brings out warm tones in the skin.

Plums and Pinks

Plum is another very flattering shade, especially in the winter. Bright colors can look to stark against pale winter skin, but deep, creamy purples and pinks can bring out the natural flush the cold air causes on your skin. These colors pair well with rich browns as well.

Black, Gray and Silver

Obviously, black and gray are the winter fashion standby colors. They look good on most everyone and pair well with many other colors.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Modern Lingerie Portrays “Dessous-Dessus”

Lingerie was basically developed for women who wanted alteration of their body shape, hygiene and modesty.

During the early discovery, lingerie is generally underwear for women made slimmer and more comfortable compared to typical underwear.

Many have been criticizing lingerie for its unusual and sexy appeal. Now, lingerie is part of the dress code for women and is now used in fashion in a completely different manner.

Slowly the sexual appeal of modern wholesale lingerie was developed internationally. Here are some of the lingerie types for women:

The French word “dessous-dessus”, which means ‘innerwear as outerwear’ is the basic concept of lingerie in fashion world. Many designers nowadays use lingerie for sexy outerwear.

Several fashion shows’ main theme is lingerie for it catches huge attention from many nationwide audience and is currently trendy and very fashionable.

· Babydoll

· Bikini

· Bloomers

· Badysuit

· Brassiere

· Corset

· Garter

· Girdle

· Leotard

· Night gown

· Panties

· Tanga

· Unitard

Lingerie is now used not only as underwear but also as a fashion outerwear. No one could resist the seduction made possible by the alluring lingerie outfits. Lingerie put up a good name for underwear. Most of us consider underwear as non fashion garment that are designed to be kept inside but now it is an elegant dress for women.

Many wholesale distributors have included selling lingerie in the wholesale clothing division. The demand is currently high and many are in need of such. Distributors mostly drop ships lingerie clothing to the fashion designers and fashion companies that sells lingerie in the local market.

For instance, Victoria’s Secret is a popular company known for selling fashionable and quality lingerie clothing worldwide. They have been adored by many shoppers because of the unique and prestigious way they manage their company. The annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show displays the company’s own interpretation of lingerie fashion. No doubt lingerie transformation from yesterday is really evident.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How to Dress for Your Body Type for Women

Fashion consultant Caryn Franklin defines four different body types: slender (tiny, slight form); top-heavy (giant bust and slender hips); pear-shaped (giant hips and smaller bust); curvaceous (giant bust and curvy hips); and apple-shaped (no waist, giant stomach and hips).

Very few women fit the stereotypical "perfect" female body shape: moderately tall, with an hourglass figure. For most women, dressing for style and comfort is a matter of finding what fits and flatters their individual body types. Women with any of these shapes can learn to dress for their particular body type.

Step 1

Emphasize your body's natural curves if you consider yourself a slender woman. Wear fitted clothing and clingy fabrics that will accentuate your natural shape; even if you have ill-defined curves, these types of fabrics will bring them out. Straight shirts and dresses with defined waistlines will contribute to this emphasis. Avoid bulky fabrics or tapered pants that could add the appearance of bulkiness to your form.

Step 2

Work to balance your top and bottom if you are a top-heavy shape. Wear flowing fabrics (especially tops) that will not show your exact shape; these flowing garments will give your bottom half the appearance of matching the size of your heavier top. Avoid stiff fabrics, high necklines or big collars that will draw more attention to your heavier top.

Step 3

Make your upper body appear larger to balance your form if you are pear-shaped. Wear jewelry and other accessories that draw attention to your upper body. Tops with higher necklines and short sleeves will keep attention on your upper body. Straight-leg, low-rise pants give your lower body a smaller appearance. Avoid baggy garments that can add bulk to your lower body.

Step 4

Accentuate your waist area if you are a curvaceous woman who has a figure shaped roughly like an hourglass, with large bust and hips. Wear dresses and pants with defined waistlines to accent your waist. Gently flared shirts and pants will hide any bulky areas in your waist. Wear medium to low necklines to bring more attention to your bust and waist.

Step 5

Draw attention away from a large stomach and hips if you are an apple-shaped woman. Wear jewelry such as earrings and short necklaces to put an emphasis on your upper body. Wear flowing fabrics like silk or chiffon that do not cling to your body shape; these help hide bulky areas and give your body an overall balanced appearance.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Licenses for Fashion Designing

There's no standardized tests administered to qualify as a fashion designer & no license or fees are involved.

No license is necessary for designing fashion. As a profession, garment design is not regulated by any county, state or federal bureaus.

However, there is an escalating trend among fashion designers to enter in to fashion licensing agreements.

1. A fashion licensing agreement is a mutual benefit contract between a designer and a third party. It lends the designer's name to something designed, manufactured and/or distributed by an entity other than the designer and benefits both parties.
2. With legal counsel, a designer merges with a manufacturer and/or distributor, lending his name to a myriad of items. Fashion licensing is a relatively new way of doing business in the fashion world.
3. Licensing design agreements exist between manufacturers and nearly all big design names including Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, who are among those who began this trend.
4. Purchases are propelled by name recognition. Well-known designers have this recognition along with a valuable reputation. The manufacturer and/or distributor will benefit from the recognition and the designer will share in the revenue.
5. Vera Wang has licensed her name for the "Lavender Line" of shoes and joined forces with Serta, putting her name on a line of mattresses.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Meeting Fashion Trends

Fashion constitutes great contribution when it comes to looking hot and trendy. There are many fashion icons and models we admire because of their unique, likably weird appearances and the way they keep up with the newest and latest fashion trends that would be part of the future styles. Keeping up in a trendy and stylish world would mean keeping up with what’s unknown.

The question now is: How can we meet fashion styles? There are many different ways we can do it in order to fit in the trendy world. There are these so-called “wholesale fashion dealers” that sell top-to-toe fashion styles, like wholesale lingerie, jeans, shirts, etc. They are responsible in spreading whatever fashion we have now.

Through this we get affordable yet fashionable things. They distribute such in volumes to local retailers in local markets. Another way in being trendy is by searching the net and finding the latest trends on it. Internet surfing helps a lot in promoting fashion internationally. Through it we are educated with what’s hot and what’s not. Another would be by viewing fashion-related television programs. They show the latest trends and give advices in fashion styling that are essential to the viewers.

Those are only guidelines toward meeting fashion. There are also unique ways in meeting fashion that’s within us through Confidence, Comfort and Great Personality.

We must also keep in mind that what’s important in styling is what we really like to wear that best complements our personality and look. A trendy fashion would never work if the bearer doesn’t have the confidence in carrying the clothes well.

It will look out of place and others might misunderstand your fashion into something trashy and outdated. We don’t want either to look so overdressed. Bear also in mind that we want to be the center of attraction, not our clothes but us.

Remember that comfort gives a pleasant aura to us. If we carry ourselves comfortably even a simple fashion style would look extraordinarily trendy. What’s important is feeling secured and cozy in whatever we are wearing. And most of all we need a great personality—a distinctive characteristics that make somebody socially appealing. Fashion must complement our personality in order to enhance ourselves more without risking the way we look. It is imperative that our style is based in our personality so that we can carry out the best in us.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Is Participating on Wholesale Clothing Trade Show Worth It?

Those wholesalers who participate in trade shows travel coast to coast three 3 to four 4 times a year bringing their catalogs, samples of their inventory, and many bring pallets and truck loads for upfront immediate sales.

Years ago, most retailers come to trade shows to buy inventory for their stores or boutiques. This is where they meet as many wholesale clothing suppliers and distributors selling the season's trendiest style in fashion.

Trade show selling still exists but a lot less participants than many years ago. There are plenty of reasons why trade shows are no longer the best channel to get exposure and sales these days:

1) Participating in trade shows are costly. Fees, shipping, catalogs, booths, extra materials, etc is a hefty price to pay for wholesalers these days. In most cases, wholesale distributors participating in a trade show end up spending no less than $10K.

2) Because of the hefty costs of participating in a trade show, trade show becomes no less than a very expensive means of marketing, branding and exposure. More often than not, wholesalers bear massive monetary loss because they did not get enough buyers during the trade show or enough inquiry resulting to future possible sales.

3) With the very slow sales in the retail sector, retail business owners opt to let go of invitations to come to trade shows due to airfare, hotel, meals and other expenses associated with it. The lack of credit to purchase inventory is another factor.

4) In the past two (2) years, the economic downturn hit as many fashion retailers forcing their business to close down.

5) With the rise of internet users - many retailers and wholesale clothing distributors alike are primarily relying on wholesale clothing online stores to engage business versus the traditional costly trade show.

6) With the rising cost of traditional trade show attendance and exposure that gives them limited geographical limitation as far as sales is concerned are now more and more getting into having online presence to bring their inventory to the millions of retailers and would be retailers across the globe.

7) The internet becomes the new haven for wholesale clothing companies to continue their operation with minimal monthly expenses while maintaining customers and gaining new ones from different parts of the country and overseas.

Any business in survival mode will shift to the less costly but effective means rather than sticking to their old guns that produces hardly any. While some may not agree, but the truth of the matter is, there are some traditional business practices that are doomed to go the bare minimum if not totally faced out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Summer craze

Its summer time and people are craving to go out of town, go shopping, or unwind in fascinating beaches.

If you would notice, summer season is the time to relax, enjoy, and unwind from school and office work.

It is a usual dogma of people that when they heard the word “summer” they can actually imagine people going to beach, pools and going on tropical countries wearing the latest in tropical hats and sunglasses.

Here are tips on how to get a summer adventure of a lifetime:

* If you want to go out of the country, choose a country that is very exotic and tropical.

The Internet is the best place to look for great vacation places.

* Make sure that you can handle the expense before exploring the outside world of enjoyment.

* When it comes to dresses, choose a dress that displays tropical feel like Hawaiian designs. You can get such dresses at a low cost in wholesale fashion stores or boutiques.

* When you are going to buy a dress, never choose a dark dress such as pure black or heavy blue. Instead choose light colors such as yellow, sky blue, or any pale colored of dresses.

* When it comes to fashion, choose strapless or backless dresses. You can match it with a white short to complete your summer getup.

* For your feet, wear flip-flops or beach walk type of slippers to relax your feet. This will allow you to roam around stress free and serve also as a feet protection from the insane heat of the sun.

* Wear sunglasses. Your summer outfit cannot be complete without wearing sunglasses. It is a symbol of the summer time and at the same time a protection against the sun. You can buy it in the different kinds and colors at wholesale sunglasses stores, convenient stores, and department stores.

* Buy a tropical hat. If you go to department stores or boutiques, you will notice that there are always tropical hats next to sunglasses. Be hip and trendy with these summer apparels.

* If you don’t want to go to the beach, try the highlands to get a dose of fresh air. Explore the mountains to relax your mind from the frenzy of the city life.


Summer time is usually the time for relaxation and fun. People tend to leave their work behind for the sake of unwinding and relieving all the stress in their lives. But before heading on to your summer getaway, there are things you need to consider.