Monday, January 4, 2010

"Faith VS Money"

Money, money, money. Everyone needs money. Without money you can’t move or step out from poverty that you’re suffering right now…

But sometimes, money becomes the root of all suffering, evil and misunderstandings.

As you can see, the whole world is getting worse! As in, people will do everything just to earn money, hard working, gambling, sex for money, crimes and corruption…

Most people believed that money can buy everything, as in everything! There are a lot of hot issues on television as well as in the society.

But when it comes to money, everyone is interested. Yes, we suffered from recession but it doesn’t mean that we should focused most of our time and money.

Keep in mind that there are still things that money can’t buy. One thing is faith.

Just imagine how many hours you spend in the hospital just to check if your child is okay.

Just imagine how many people died everyday. And just imagine how many people are earning big because of selling their faith….its countless…

Do you believe in him? I mean, do you believe in GOD? How can you tell that GOD is with you? How can you say that God is guiding you every time you’re in trouble?

You know, faith can be compared to air. You can’t see it but still you feel the presence of it.

To tell you truth, I am victim of money and greediness. I am flirting with guys just to earn money. I am selling my soul to evil just to earn money. …and I am stepping my faith just earn millions of green bills.

I am a servant of church… a simple woman with simple dreams. But then, in just a snap I forgot everything about faith. What is faith if you’re suffering from hunger and illness?

One of the ministers from other religions used to offer me cash just to swap religion.

Yes and you know, the offered money is not a joke! Just imagine $50,000. Perhaps, I can buy 5 cars using that amount.

Or Perhaps, I can use it to establish my own business… a wholesale clothing business.

A business wherein I can invest and get the money back. I switch my religion. But I don’t want to mention its name. I accept the money and forgot everything about Catholicism.

Until one day, I realized that what I’ve did is wrong…. I am preaching the words of GOD using other religion…but I don’t believe in any religion even though I am a servant of church.

Yes, my mother is a former owner of the latest fashion trends, the wholesale clothing. But I don’t sell my clothes after wearing it.

It’s my faith since birth and it should be my faith until the day I die. I have the money but why is it? Still, I’m sad my life is not yet completed.

What if I return this amount and go back to my own place, my own religion?

So, I decided to return it and leave the ministry alone… I returned the money with no more and no less….I would rather remained poor just to help other people.

Just to let them know that they can leave without much involvement to money….instead, with faith.

I’m not saying money is not important. Money is very important. But always remember that money becomes evil if you don’t know how to deal on it…while faith on the other hand is a supreme foundation of an individual..yes you can leave life without money…but you can’t leave with faith… come to think of it..

Do you have faith? How big is your faith therefore? Greediness should be avoided. It’s not yet the end my friend. Don’t make money as your god..Perhaps it’s time to realize everything…share your wealth to others and leave with your faith…

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  1. Hi this is Kristin from the Diva Within. Amazing story you are sharing and so honest finally to yourself. I was touched! Glad to have you with us o our site.