Monday, December 20, 2010

"It’s hard to Pretend that your OK, even you're not"

n the past, I thought love is patient and willing to wait till the end. But after almost 18 years in Canada, I realized that true love really hurts, especially if you saw the person you love has found someone else. A promise indeed is made to be broken. It’s hard to pretend that you’re happy but deep inside, your heart is aching. It’s just like you’re hit by thousands of needles. *major ouch*

When I was young, I had a friend named Robert. Actually he’s my best friend. However, as time goes by I felt something different for him. Yet, I’m really shy to tell him the truth, that I have a crush on him.

He’s a good looking guy with teary eyes and fair complexion. Actually, he has all the traits I’m looking for a guy. But then, there’s a single problem. At that time, I was about to migrate to Canada to manage my dad’s Wholesale Clothing business.

Just the same, I told Robert how I felt about him. I told him he was everything I was looking for in a guy. I was surprised because he hugged me too tight and gave me a cute bracelet, asking me to keep it until the day I came back from Canada. He told me that no matter how many years it will take, he’s willing to wait for me.

Fast forward to 18 years, I came back to San Diego due to a financial crisis. My dad’s wholesale clothing business went bankrupt. I came back to the old house and looked if Robert was still there. But instead of finding Robert, I saw a girl named Jane. I asked her about Robert and according to her, Robert is her boyfriend. After long years of waiting, I realized that I’m so stupid.

It was only then that I finally gave in to the long years of pain and sadness I felt of being away from Robert. Tears fell down from my eyes, and I didn’t even bother to stop it. When Robert finally came, I pretend that was ok. I forced myself to be happy for him, but I just can’t. When I left their house, I left a part of me in there. I’m still trying to get back the love I lost until now. I still love him so much. Yet, it’s hard to accept the truth that his heart belongs to another woman.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fashion, fashion, fashion Everywhere..

Fashion, by definition, changes from time to time. What is thought as the last of today will become old in a few months. How many times you can run on the malls to buy the latest fashions. you can not run here and there to buy things that are in trend from time to time. It’s easier to know what the latest fashion that you can buy. But technology is changing our lives very quickly. Now it is increasingly easy to buy all the clothes on the basis of the latest trends with the help of Internet.

Previously, only the big names in the main street had their e-commerce sites that can not only buy, but check out the clothes and accessories of your choice. But how many of us have the kind of financial situation, where you can buy designer clothing high street fashion. As noted, technology is making our life much easier.

To buy designer dresses based on fashion trends all, one should no longer rely solely on the sites of these fashion brands on the street. Internet has made it possible for different designers and different brands to reach consumers around the world. If you came up with the electronic commerce site currently has all the opportunities in the world to buy more clothes and also fashion designer dress at a reasonable rate.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Parting Words

Let me tell you a story. This is based on my own experience. It all started when I was 16 years old. While playing outside the park in San Diego, I met a boy. It was just an average guy of a child, however, there is something unique about him.
It was so peaceful. Every time I tell a story, just looks at me and say nothing. Until one day, I told him about the man who broke my heart. He just comforted me and told me that “harm is part of being loved.”

Our high school graduation approached and we were excited to go to college. Everything was ready. My mom just visit a wholesale fashion store to buy my prom dress, my dad came home for the celebration, graduation party was all set.
On the day of graduation, he failed to appear. I called his house but nobody answered. The ceremony was about to end, when I got the news. He got into an accident and died immediately.

My world collapsed, I forgot my prom, I forgot to college. It was the only thing keeping me sane these years, and now I lost it.
After the funeral, his mother gave me her journal. Scraped and worn and some pages were still loose. Page after page, the tears flowed from my eyes. All that finally became clear to me. But it’s too late. You can never recover the past. It was what he wrote at the end you broke my heart.
“Today I will tell you that I love.” It hurts knowing I’ll never be able to tell you again how much I love him.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Best Places to Buy Dresses in Fresno California

From proms to weddings, and every appropriate event in between, dresses are the quintessential things for women. Often, the appropriate dress sets the accent for an absolute evening, so it's important to shop at a store area where dresses are the focus.

The dress food in Fresno, California, action a advanced ambit of selections and services, from weddings, gowns to quinceanera dresses and some food action the advantage to rent.

The Cinderella Cellar

*The Cinderella Cellar specializes in gowns for singular, celebratory events, from weddings to quinceaneras. The Cinderella Cellar is accepted for its chump service. The store's associates advice with dress accessories, which ambit from black accoutrements and gloves to tiaras and jewelry. The abundance additionally offers alterations.

Elegant Bride
*Elegant Bride accepts accessories to acquisition the absolute dress for its customers. An apart endemic and operated abundance by a mother and babe team, it offers dress shoppers an another to civic alternation stores. It additionally offers about-face services.

Luftenburg's Bridal
*Another family-owned operation that specializes in bells dresses, Luftenburg's Conjugal offers a advanced alternative of artist gowns and bells accessories. Advertised as "California's better conjugal salon," the dress abundance additionally specializes in gowns for the bridesmaids, corresponding mothers and annual girls. It additionally provides dresses for added occasions, such as cocktail parties, black-tie business contest and coming-of-age celebrations. Designers featured at the abundance accommodate Christina Wu, Mori Lee and Allure. A one-stop destination, the abundance additionally provides tuxedos.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Urban Fashion

urban fashion style is born of the street. A look pimp emerging neighborhoods rather than dictated by fashion designers and Wall Street. associations of media and clothing often mix hip hop and urban fashion, partly because they share the same principle.

1. urban fashion had a strong impact in the 1980's and early 90's. street-inspired fashion known as "grunge" was born in Seattle and shot himself in the mainstream by Kurt Colbain and other music icons. This view, known for its worn and full of dirty looks, great design officially incorporated Mark Jacobs before his now infamous "grunge line."

2. Fashion is usually conceived by the designers. Styles then filter down to the people through marketing channels and distribution. A fashion through a drip effect is maintained. urban wear originates in the street. First used by people and then copied by designers who seem to interpret redelivering people through marketing and distribution points.

3. The attractiveness of urban fashion style including hip hop is moving in the opposite direction to the traditional and often becomes a source of pride for the community or segment of the population who developed the look.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fashion Related Jobs

fashion-related industries are in a variety of different hands-on work in textiles, photography financially smarter professions, such as a work in retail. Because fashion is a complex industry that spans several continents, find the right job in the fashion involves understanding the abilities they possess, and what training they are ready to submit.

Fashion Designers

A successful fashion designer should have an idea of the three main areas: technical terminology fashion, art and basic operation of the production process. Learn the difference between haute couture, pret-a-wear and sportswear, for example, is vital for any fashionista flourishing. In addition, a fashion designer should understand that a slight change in design can cost several thousand dollars during the production process. Fashion designers traditionally start working as assistants to fashion designers. Two to four years of study at an academy of design is the best basis for a designer. By designing collections that attract significant attention, fashion designers have a reputation and other working committees. From 2010, a fashion designer has a salary range of $ 18.000 to $ 200.000 a year.

Fashion photographers

Despite fashion photographers not design the clothes, their visual interpretations of a dress or accessory in a model can often be vital to the success of the brand. While no formal education is required, a fashion photographer must be prepared to work odd hours and accept assignments without much notice. A complete portfolio of photographs that show the photographer's style and vision often lead to other jobs. In some cases, a photographer can become a member of staff of a magazine or other publication, although most fashion photographers are used independently. From 2010, the average wage for a fashion photographer is $ 26,000, with a final widest maximum of $ 100,000.


Retail of fashion is the easiest part of the industry in which they engage. Almost every town has some kind of fashion outlet, whether in the form of a chain store or a large boutique. Those interested in building a stable career in fashion shops can often be a post graduate from entry level employee to a managerial position in the course of several years. No formal education is required, but field experience is helpful, and ultimately leads to promotion. Operating a successful sales business requires managers to understand the tastes of their customers and stock accordingly. The salary of a junior employee can reach as high as $ 60,000 from 2010.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute Hairdos with Crown

Crowns are a common fixture of hair when it comes to events such as dances, weddings, beauty pageants and Halloween. The hairstyles tend to be simple, because more complicated hairstyles with tiara compete for attention. A variety of wreaths there - glass, pearls, rhinestones and plastic, and come in a variety of colors. A crown can be worn by a woman of any age or a girl. You can add a touch of elegance and royalty to the right hairstyle.

Semi-cascade locks - If you have longer hair, can it curl with a curling iron or rollers. Assemble the front of the hair and pin to crown of head with small pins. Pin some curls to the top of the head of the extra elegance. Place the tiara in front of the locks covered. The cascade of curls, shoulder slopes.

Updo - Updos are elegant and sophisticated and better work with straight, medium length or long hair. Gather hair at the top of the head into sections, twisting and locking in place. Hair must be nailed in the head with force to set the style. The crown is placed to the front of the head or directly in front of the updo.

Side Ponytail - This works better with longer hair, what can be achieved with extensions and clip-ons. Curl hair and whiskers on one side of the head in the nape of the neck. Place the tiara on the crown of the head.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Split Skirt

A split skirt is a garment that has a meaning and a purpose behind it. Although often confused with a similar garment, uniquely his own because of their size, cut and length. And the skirt of partition can be created in different types of fabric to suit those with a discerning taste in fashion.

The skirt is split a pair of shorts that often extends into the knee. Part of the shorts legs, however, is very big, so when used in the body, the garment falls naturally and appears as a skirt. Can be combined with shirts and tops of any kind. A skirt split can be used as a skirt or shorts. They are often considered to be sporty, comfortable and classy, depending on the choice of fabric.

Cultural Significance
Historically, divided skirts had the same purpose as hakama pants. Split skirts were used in Aikido, a nonviolent Japanese martial art. In this sport, technique and ability are of paramount importance. According to the Rio Grande Valley Aikikai, the skirt is a traditional garment used to divide during a fight. Traditionally, divided skirt hid the ankles and feet, so that opponents could not predict what direction the next attack would come.

The common error is divided skirt culottes. Although the two brands seem to be very similar, divided skirts are usually shorter than more equipped to culottes. According to modest clothes, skirts, culottes seem prima facie, but are short loose with a traditional knee height. The main differences between the two is the adjustment of the division and length skirts.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Alternative Fashion Dress

Alternative fashion is a prosperous niche, with both male and female fans. More children dressed in black, alternative fashion includes transvestite, steampunk, Elegant Gothic Lolita and other varieties of clothes. Alt fashion is often associated with musical tastes, with different scenes that share common features in the design and cutting. Most alternative fashion sold in places far from the mall, but can be sold on a limited basis by some chain stores.

According to Australia's fashion show producers Instincts Night, "fashion is fashion an alternative that is far from the mainstream, the fashion is different. It may be the fashion of a subculture, or just weird.'s Fashion does not conform to the mundane. is the mode of the strip, and often is more artistic than practical. "Often, alternative fashion has a theatrical quality or costume-like the one shown to advantage in nightclubs and other specialized sites. Inhabitants of alternative fashion range from adolescence to mid-thirties in age, with many items from the combination of avant-garde clothing with parts for more power.

The term "alternative fashion" includes a variety of clothing that deviates from the offerings of the major markets. This may include gothic, punk, fetish and adult markets, along with other specialty niches. alternative fashion is often created by small businesses, independent, and it is difficult to find in more popular outlets. Some popular alternative labels include Lip Service, Tripp, Patricia Field and Stop looking.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perfect Dress for a Cocktail Party

Think of your invitation. If it was by phone or email, most likely is a more informal. If you received a formal invitation, especially if the benefits of charity events or association, we believe that is a more elegant.

Choose the dress and skirt lengths from mini to just above the ankles. Save something like a full-length sequined gown for a different occasion.

Choose fabric according to the season. Wool and wool blends are perfect for fall and winter, satin, silk, rayon fabrics and fine gauge point are ideal for spring and summer. These materials can be dressed up or down with jewelry, handbags, shoes, coats and hairstyles.

Attend a formal fiesta after work in a business suit, or if you use casual clothing to work, bring a change of clothes. A black wool dress with stockings and pumps is an easy solution for autumn or winter. Pair a dress with spaghetti straps or strapless, with a jacket embroidered Slingback pumps or sandals for a spring or summer event.

Head to a more informal gathering after work in a smart-casual attire. Pair a skirt wool turtleneck equipped kitchen and leather floors for winter parties. Consider Twinset a fine point, satin sash and pants, low-heeled mules in the summer.

Use a dress form a line to a cocktail on a weekend afternoon. A match scheduled for one weekend night ensures a fairer flirty or elegant. Pair one colorful silk satin, or rule of waist dress with silk or velvet wrap the shoulders.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Important Things When Buying Shoes for Women

Types of shoes
Shoes with styles ranging from athletic shoes and flats to options for elegant occasions. The height of the shoe on the heel of your material and determine the function of the shoe. types of shoes including platforms, clogs, moccasins, boots, sandals, boat shoes, sneakers, loafers shoes and orthopedic shoes. Dress shoes for every occasion are stilettos, pumps, slingbacks, ballet slippers, mules and platforms. Consider the time or equipment you plan to use when deciding what type of shoe to purchase.

Adequate measurement
Select a retailer that measures the size of your foot. To determine the correct size for your shoes, measure each foot individually. Before making a purchase, sales associate assess the size and scope of his foot. The use of these measures stand to identify your correct shoe size. shoe website suggests measuring each foot Vanity twice - once standing and once while sitting.

Shoe Buying Basics
If you're on a limited budget, buying shoes five categories that fit your current lifestyle. A shoe wardrobe includes: shoes, boots, work shoes, casual and special occasion. For budget shoppers, buying imitation designer shoes constructed from synthetic materials and soles of the feet by the man. To avoid impulse purchases of shoes, know your budget constraints before adding to your existing shoe wardrobe. Determine if the shoe fits your wardrobe and lifestyle.

Minimize Foot Pain
Make sure the toe box allows enough space for you to move your toes. According to Foot Care Direct, the heel of the shoe should fit snugly, with no spaces around the instep. If the shoes hurt your feet in the store, do not buy. Marie Claire website recommended to wear new shoes in the house for two or three days before using them outside. This will give you the opportunity to adjust the shoes through the addition of padded insoles or loosen the straps.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look Great in Skinny Jeans

1. Skinny jeans are the trend these days. There are many ways you can use and look good.

2. The key to finding the right fit is to be proved. Each pair is slightly different and you should spend time trying to adjust them to achieve the desired shape.

Once you have the perfect pair of skinny jeans can mix and match all kinds of shirts and shoes for a very versatile look.

3. Skinny jeans are great with high boots. You put the boots over your jeans. Pair this look with a longer, flowing from top to add shape. For a more casual look, add ballet slippers. Ballet flats can be worn with layers of shirts and jackets or most any casual top.

For a night on the town, attach the skinny jeans with high heals and a satin top or dress that flows. Skinny jeans look best with shirts that are longer in style. The most important thing is to use your skinny jeans the way you feel more comfortable.

Monday, June 21, 2010

65% To The Right Side

Would you believe that most people tilt their heads on the right when kissing instead of turning to the left? Yup, and almost 65 percent of them do the same thing.

But why is that so? Is there a moderator that tells them to turn their head on the right side? I’ve read an article explaining about this thing.

Actually, the reason why most people turned their head on the right side is because most people are right handed. Can you get it?

However, you can tilt your head whichever direction you’re comfortable with. As we know, kissing is the most romantic thing that two people can get.

I remembered when I kissed my boyfriend for the first time. But then, instead of turning his head right, he turned to the left side. I’m not surprised about it because I know he’s left handed.

And since it was my first attempt, I was so nervous. With the so-called “practice” I learned how to do it right.

Although, Rex was busy with his wholesale clothing business, still he has the time to give me a great kiss before going to bed LOL! There are many ways to kiss your partner and it can be great if both of you will close your eyes.

In this way you will feel how romantic it is. You may ask how it feels to kiss someone. Have you experience staying in a place wherein there’s no ventilation. That’s how it feels when you kissing…hehehe.

Rex has a soft lips and I really love kissing him. Before, I kissed him seven times a day. One kiss before going to bed, two kisses while watching TV, two kisses before eating and two kisses after getting shower. That’s how I loved my husband.

But since he’s busy managing his cute wholesale clothing store, I forgot to kiss him before going to bed because it’s already late at night when y he used to go home.

It’s such a wonderful feeling to show your love to your partner through kissing. For those who have not experienced kissing yet, just wait for the right person and you’ll see how romantic it is.

Friday, June 4, 2010

"Tears of joy"

Sad stories of love made us cry. It’s because, we feel the pain among characters in the story. Happy ending stories made us cry too. But this time, not tears of sadness but tears of joy. Have you experienced the situation wherein you’ve lost all your hopes because you think it’s a non-sense thing? Let me tell you my story. This is based from my own experience happened 12 years ago.

It was our one month anniversary with my boyfriend Nick. I called him to plan what we are going to do to celebrate our anniversary. After 8 calls, still he was not answering the phone. I was worried at that time. There were no signs or calls coming for him. I’ve been waiting for a couple of hours but still, there were no answers from him. Suddenly someone’s was knocking on the door. I am expecting Nick to come at that time. After three knocks I opened it and yes, I was right. It was Nick holding a cute brown teddy bear on his hand. But after that, he leaves me alone without mentioning about our anniversary, or even the words “I love you”. I was very disappointed at that time. I’m so curious about what’s going on with him.

Finally, our 6-month anniversary was nearly approaching. On top of that, it was also my 18th birthday. While I was shopping in an exclusive wholesale clothing store downtown, my mobile ringed. It was Nick’s mom asking me if his son is with me at that time. I frankly answered NO! Again, I was so worried what was happening with Nick.

Sunday evening, it was my birthday. I called my boyfriend to ask him what’s wrong with him. Why he didn’t came here and attend my birthday? After several calls, I started to rush him and ask harsh questions. Still there were no answers from him. Again I was so sad and disappointed for him. He didn’t even greet me. It was 12 midnight when my mobile phone ringed. I was surprised from hearing something different “Come outside and I have something for you” So I went outside to see what’s in there. It was nick with a diamond ring in his hand. Suddenly, I heard enchants of music and that was so romantic. That’s not all. I also witnessed fireworks display. I cried because I was so impressed. Indeed, that was tears of joy. I hugged him too tight and spend a romantic evening with him.

Even up to now, I am a mother of two kids and an owner of a wholesale clothing business as the same time I still remembered the most romantic event in my life.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Celebrate your Curves: Choose the Right Bra For You

Not all people are created equal. All of us have different personalities, hobbies, mental and physical, and naturally the body. Because of these differences, it is perfectly appropriate to know ourselves better in order to provide better care they need.

This is true for our body. As they age, our body changes, from the size weight and even our skin. With these changes comes the necessity to modify our wardrobe. But in the event you think that our clothes, shoes and accessories are the items that need only be altered, think again. There is an article in our closet that also needs to get replaced often, our underclothing.

Even our underclothing, bras, in particular, to modify at least 6 times in the coursework of our lives. This is chiefly due to weight loss and gain, hormonal changes, among others. While using the wrong size bra is not hazardous, is not healthy for the long-term breast. The use of a tight bra can restrict blood flow, while a loose bra may cause breast sagging.

Get the right bra size

Being begins with style and proper underclothing. Therefore, invest in a nice bra to stay in fashion at all times. It is advisable to receive a brand spanking new bra every two months or so because it is the way you win or lose weight at this time or elderly your bra is loose for you already. wholesale outlets and lingerie stores display massive selections of fasteners. You must know your size and select the right color and design.

Underwire is a sensible choice

Some may argue that underwire bras are uncomfortable, but in the event you know the way to select the right bra, you'll know for sure what benefits have bras. A nice underwire bra has a soft cotton cover and limited to the area where rib. An underwire bra will suit your breasts nice support, thus eliminating sagging.

Bras are worn and Regular washing causes the fastener to lose its form and function. Hand wash can extend the life of the bra, but it needs much care and hard work in cleaning.
Do not be afraid to encourage your lingerie wardrobe

From time to time, get your sexy side and put sexy, seductive bras. bras do not be afraid to reveal her figure, and wear that touch your curves and generate smooth lines. There's shops of wholesale apparel today that focus on lingerie, bra offers various styles and designs. You can select from regular, comfortable bras sexy, captivating.

Note that each woman has different size breasts. Therefore, learn to accentuate your best assets and curves as they are the key to being stylish and fun.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fit Women's Suit

Decide what type of jacket you want. The jacket really determine the style of the entire garment to make the right choice is key.

Choose the type of substance to go with the suit. If you choose pants, you must decide what kind of length you want and what types of wide leg pants included, fitted, long, or the length of the heel. The length is pretty subjective these days, but your best bet is to choose a flattering hem for your body type. If you are unsure, ask for help at the store. If you choose a skirt, you must choose what length of skirt you want.

Try the pieces. You should be able to get your hands on your head and not feel any effort by the jacket. The sleeves of the jacket must reach near the top of the hand with hands at your sides or simply cover the wrist bone.

Then take a look at the shoulders of the jacket. They should be straight. If you are tense, then the jacket is too tight. Also the buttons button at this time. You should be able to sit comfortably without pulling the buttons.

Now that the jacket is of modules, let's look at the bottom of the suit. Whether you choose a skirt or pants, you should be able to fit one finger between the waistband and body. If you can not do this or if there are holes in the fabric, the fit is not right and requires modifications. There should also be pulling button or zipper area. If you can not sit back, do not buy.

Check out the additions in the pants, as the seams, pockets, or folds. If the seams or folds are pulling ahead, the funds are too small. This is especially noticeable with pockets. The pockets really will highlight any areas that the poor are in tight pants. Try to avoid this.

Really look at yourself. Make sure the costume is comfortable and flattering. If the amendments should be made, ask for a referral or use the store alterations person. They have more experience with this brand.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Get Cleavage With a Backless Dress

Get your correct bra measurements. Wrap a measuring tape around your body and under the breasts, where the band of your bra rests. To determine your bra band size, round this number up to the nearest inch. Measure the circumference of your chest in the middle of your breasts. Subtract the bra band number from this measurement. For a difference in each inch, your cup size increases. For example a difference of 2 inches between the two measurement reveals that you are a B cup; while a difference in 1 inch says that your are an A.

Schedule a bra fitting at a lingerie boutique. Ask the sales associate in the store for their selection of backless and convertible bras. Because the fit of each bra varies with the manufacturer, try different brands of bras for the best comfort and support.

Try a backless bra with all-over adhesive. This bra resembles a standard bra without a back clasp or straps. Inside the bra are adhesive strips that stick firmly to your body. Marie Claire recommends that you try a bra with light padding and underwire cups for extra lift and support.

Select a strapless bra with low back clasps. Bras with side or front boning and clasps that connect just above the top of your buttocks provide additional bust support and well-defined cleavage.

Purchase a bra with padding for added lift. Choose a bra with molded and padded cups to lift your breasts. For an additional boost, insert a silicone breast-enhancer into the cups. These inserts or "chicken cutlets" provide additional boost to women with small breasts.

Choose individual bra cups. Attach the rounded circles firmly to your breasts using the adhesive in the inner rims of the cups. The higher these reusable cups sit on your breast, the more cleavage you will create.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Want To Be A Fashion Stylist?

It is the job of a fashion stylist to help a client what "look" that he or she wants and then help you get it. If a girl is looking rocker step down for an interview, if an executive candidates hope to look the part, if a politician needs a new image, or if a mother wants to recover a loss of sense of style and sophistication, he or she may consult with a fashion stylist.

Ultimately, a fashion stylist is an image consultant. Professionals in this line of work has a fashion sense that interest is paired with an equally strong ability to recognize the desires and individuality of their clients. It's no big secret: they come in all shapes and sizes and have different personalities and lifestyles. We all want to look good, but we all want to see ... well, like us. A fashion stylist knows how to help customers choose clothes and accessories to complement your body type and sense of individuality.

Becoming a fashion guru requires dedication, experience and dynamism. Most fashion stylists out by the fashion industry - working in various positions, including retail sales, purchasing, advertising and journalism. Our advice to aspiring stylist: absorb all the knowledge and experience of the fashion industry can be. As you begin to sell socks at Macy's or pick up coffee fashion editor in the morning, keep your ears and your eyes open! Know and learn everything you can on the fashion industry is only preparing to launch its own dream career.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dress Like a Hippie Girl

Step 1 - Think flowing and peaceful when selecting clothes to look like a hippie girl. Long, flowing skirts and dresses are essential in a wardrobe of any girl hippie. Tunic tops and peasant blouses also work.

Step 2 - Make or buy their own shirts dyed, as they are almost as iconic as the hippie generation itself. You can buy tie-dye kits in most craft stores or general retail or tie-dye shirts in many shops and street fairs.

Step 3 - Use a headband or put a flower in her hair. Long hair in the wind was also very popular during the hippie movement, so wear your hair long, if it is possible to look like a hippie girl.

Step 4 - Look for Gaza. fringed items were very popular at the time, like a fringed vest, jacket, skirt or boots. Many of these items can be found at vintage or consignment shops.

Step 5 - Add symbol of peace in clothing that identifies you as a true hippie girl. pins and buttons or earrings peace sign peace sign hippie accessories are common.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Tips for Oval Women

Many women choose clothes that flatter your body type or body shape. An oval, or the apple body shape is defined by a full face, broad shoulders, large bust, hips and a defined waist. Women with oval body shapes to choose clothes that elongate the body and create the illusion of curves flattering.

Like tops, wrap dresses that link, first help create a balanced, near the waist. Dresses gathered around the bust and fitted through the waist up to draw attention away from the hips and thighs. Choose patterns that are vertical and curved inward near the waist to create the illusion of curves. Dresses with dropped waist can accentuate the curve of the hip and create flattering lines.

Avoid thick, heavy jewelry, thin chains hanging freely help create depth in the body. Layer several necklaces of fine land on the bustline to draw attention to the centerline of the body. A stack of bangles or bracelets thin arms can seem longer and more elegant. Create a longer leg with a shoe heel having a small and manageable