Thursday, May 20, 2010

Make your Jean Pants into Jeans Skirts

A jean skirt is a versatile piece that can be dressed for work or down to the park. Although there are a variety of skirts in stores, you can make your own jean skirt, a pair of jeans that are too short, started at the bottom, or otherwise ready for a makeover jean.

Step 1

Wear jeans and dial your desired length skirt on each leg with a pen. Remove the jeans and lay on a flat surface. Use the measuring tape to check their marks, measuring from the edge of each leg to ensure a uniform cut. Cut the legs to check and book marking.

Step 2

Turn the jeans inside out and cut the inside seam. Use the seam ripper to remove the outer seam, slipping a tooth between the layers of material, the capture of the sewing thread in the Ripper strong piece.

Step 3

Keep the skirt upside down, fold along front and back seams for your vision is of a forward and one back pocket. This is similar to the way they folded pants to get a crease down the front leg. With your tape measure as a guide line, cut on each side of excess tissue in the form of J formed the crotch of the jeans, creating a straight line. Discard trimmings.

Step 4

Place the flat slopes from back to front with back pockets up. Rip the rest of the center back seam just above the yoke. The yoke material is the triangle below the waist band above the back pockets. Fold under the edges of your premium center cut and press with an iron. Repeat on front.

Step 5

Bring your leg over and cut the seams on each side. With back pockets up, place one leg on the rear panel game. Pull the sides of the divide on the panel of the leg. Pin on the leg panel and the skirt seam gaps pressed.

Step 6

Set the sewing machine and sew the edge of the V-shaped panel in place. Set your sewing machine and sew up 1 / 4 inch from the edge of the stitch to replicate the seams of jeans. Back stitching on the yoke to secure. Turn the skirt inside out, and cut off excess tissue in the leg panel.

Step 7

Place the skirt with front pockets up. Cut 1 / 2 inches to the side of the center seam. Place the leg panel in the top of the division, then two sides of the division to cover the panel of the leg. Pin in place.

Step 8

Edge-stitch and seam above the panel in place. Back-point on the front seam. Turn the skirt inside out, and cut any piece of tissue in the leg panel.

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