Thursday, November 18, 2010

Urban Fashion

urban fashion style is born of the street. A look pimp emerging neighborhoods rather than dictated by fashion designers and Wall Street. associations of media and clothing often mix hip hop and urban fashion, partly because they share the same principle.

1. urban fashion had a strong impact in the 1980's and early 90's. street-inspired fashion known as "grunge" was born in Seattle and shot himself in the mainstream by Kurt Colbain and other music icons. This view, known for its worn and full of dirty looks, great design officially incorporated Mark Jacobs before his now infamous "grunge line."

2. Fashion is usually conceived by the designers. Styles then filter down to the people through marketing channels and distribution. A fashion through a drip effect is maintained. urban wear originates in the street. First used by people and then copied by designers who seem to interpret redelivering people through marketing and distribution points.

3. The attractiveness of urban fashion style including hip hop is moving in the opposite direction to the traditional and often becomes a source of pride for the community or segment of the population who developed the look.

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