Thursday, January 13, 2011

Feel Free to Wear Cheap Clothes

Cheap items can degrade your personality. Though wearing signature items will create a good impression to other people, don’t push yourself into it. Using your credit cards is a big no. Buying expensive clothing is not a necessity at all, but just wants that you want to satisfy yourself. There are proper places and proper time for everything. If you are aiming to buy that highly priced thing, best thing to do is save the money for it. Wait until you will be able to save that certain amount, then that’s the time to reward yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with wearing cheap wholesale clothing, as long as you carry with pride and grace. No one will notice that it is cheap, if you are wearing it in an expensive way. No one can put a good clothing down, even if it is the cheapest in town. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but what matters most is what’s inside. Who cares if you are wearing a highly priced clothing but it you don’t give justice to it? Go ahead, wear you cheap clothes and be proud of it.

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