Thursday, June 24, 2010

Perfect Dress for a Cocktail Party

Think of your invitation. If it was by phone or email, most likely is a more informal. If you received a formal invitation, especially if the benefits of charity events or association, we believe that is a more elegant.

Choose the dress and skirt lengths from mini to just above the ankles. Save something like a full-length sequined gown for a different occasion.

Choose fabric according to the season. Wool and wool blends are perfect for fall and winter, satin, silk, rayon fabrics and fine gauge point are ideal for spring and summer. These materials can be dressed up or down with jewelry, handbags, shoes, coats and hairstyles.

Attend a formal fiesta after work in a business suit, or if you use casual clothing to work, bring a change of clothes. A black wool dress with stockings and pumps is an easy solution for autumn or winter. Pair a dress with spaghetti straps or strapless, with a jacket embroidered Slingback pumps or sandals for a spring or summer event.

Head to a more informal gathering after work in a smart-casual attire. Pair a skirt wool turtleneck equipped kitchen and leather floors for winter parties. Consider Twinset a fine point, satin sash and pants, low-heeled mules in the summer.

Use a dress form a line to a cocktail on a weekend afternoon. A match scheduled for one weekend night ensures a fairer flirty or elegant. Pair one colorful silk satin, or rule of waist dress with silk or velvet wrap the shoulders.

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