Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Split Skirt

A split skirt is a garment that has a meaning and a purpose behind it. Although often confused with a similar garment, uniquely his own because of their size, cut and length. And the skirt of partition can be created in different types of fabric to suit those with a discerning taste in fashion.

The skirt is split a pair of shorts that often extends into the knee. Part of the shorts legs, however, is very big, so when used in the body, the garment falls naturally and appears as a skirt. Can be combined with shirts and tops of any kind. A skirt split can be used as a skirt or shorts. They are often considered to be sporty, comfortable and classy, depending on the choice of fabric.

Cultural Significance
Historically, divided skirts had the same purpose as hakama pants. Split skirts were used in Aikido, a nonviolent Japanese martial art. In this sport, technique and ability are of paramount importance. According to the Rio Grande Valley Aikikai, the skirt is a traditional garment used to divide during a fight. Traditionally, divided skirt hid the ankles and feet, so that opponents could not predict what direction the next attack would come.

The common error is divided skirt culottes. Although the two brands seem to be very similar, divided skirts are usually shorter than more equipped to culottes. According to modest clothes, skirts, culottes seem prima facie, but are short loose with a traditional knee height. The main differences between the two is the adjustment of the division and length skirts.

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