Thursday, April 29, 2010

Anime Girl Clothing Styles

Outfits include conservative school uniforms, samurai, fantasy or vampy dress. Accessorize with wigs, jewelry and footwear. Pick ready-made outfits and wigs, or fashion your own. Step out in anime clothing styles that transform you in to an anime alter-ego.

Sport anime girl clothing styles for daywear, Cosplay events or as a Halloween costume. Think about girl characters from "Sailor Moon," "Bleach" or "Death Note," to name a few. Regard her personality and familiarize yourself with her fashion sense.

Sailor Jupiter

Re-create her clothing style with a white, glittery leotard or capped sleeve shirt. The characteristic anime schoolgirl bow has a large, emerald green ball at its center. The skirt's back features a large pink bow like a bustle. A pink beaded belt hung low on the waist, white opera gloves adorned with green cuffs and a black velvet choker with a centered gold star complete Sailor Jupiter's look. Auburn hair is pulled into a high ponytail and secured with an emerald green elastic. Sailor Jupiter sports calf-length green boots with white laces. Atop a green sailor collar, it is roughly positioned at chest height. The collar's back falls to the shoulder blades like a mini cape. An emerald green mini-skirt with gathered pleats similar to a cheerleader's skirt complements the top.

Amane Misa

Fashion a more gothic Amane with a black lace-front corset and satin mini-skirt fringed with lace. Satiny white trim edges the hem. Black arm warmers or black lace fingerless gloves and goth-style rings accessorize the look. Black slim-fitting dress boots complete the outfit.

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