Monday, April 5, 2010

Rules of Dressing for Petites

As every petite woman knows, there's a lot of variations within this designation, thanks to the variety of proportions a woman's body can have. Strictly speaking, a woman is petite if they is 5 foot 3 inches in height or less. Positive styles & cuts are more flattering on a smaller woman than others.

Color can be a useful tool when you are petite. If you wear the same color on top & bottom, you can generate the illusion that your body is longer. Wearing accessories around your neck or on your ears, such as scarves or fancy earrings, can draw the eye up to your face. Matching your shoes to the color of your clothing, can help to make your body look longer as well.

Hemlines can be your mate when you are petite, & choosing the right ones can make for a more flattering outfit. Petite women can benefit from hemlines that give the illusion of added length. Pick skirts that finish either above the knee or finish at the ankle. Both hemlines help to give the illusion of added length to your legs. Skirts that finish below the knees can make your legs look thicker & shorter than they are.

High heels
High heels can be an effective tool to make petites look taller. However, four rule to follow is not to get heels that are tall. Heels that are up to four inches high can make you look taller, but not unnaturally so. When you wear heels with pants, make sure your pant legs cover at least a portion of your heels, which can help preserve the illusion of added height.

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