Monday, April 19, 2010

Licenses for Fashion Designing

There's no standardized tests administered to qualify as a fashion designer & no license or fees are involved.

No license is necessary for designing fashion. As a profession, garment design is not regulated by any county, state or federal bureaus.

However, there is an escalating trend among fashion designers to enter in to fashion licensing agreements.

1. A fashion licensing agreement is a mutual benefit contract between a designer and a third party. It lends the designer's name to something designed, manufactured and/or distributed by an entity other than the designer and benefits both parties.
2. With legal counsel, a designer merges with a manufacturer and/or distributor, lending his name to a myriad of items. Fashion licensing is a relatively new way of doing business in the fashion world.
3. Licensing design agreements exist between manufacturers and nearly all big design names including Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan, who are among those who began this trend.
4. Purchases are propelled by name recognition. Well-known designers have this recognition along with a valuable reputation. The manufacturer and/or distributor will benefit from the recognition and the designer will share in the revenue.
5. Vera Wang has licensed her name for the "Lavender Line" of shoes and joined forces with Serta, putting her name on a line of mattresses.

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