Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Leggings with a Dress

Wearing leggings is actually a great way to accessorize an elderly or drab dress or skirt & they can prove to be a valuable asset to any wardrobe. Leggings are a popular & trendy style that lots of females love but are hesitant to try out. Don't hold back! Follow these easy steps and learn how to wear leggings with a dress or skirt!

Step 1

Choose a short dress or skirt that is a solid color or has colors that will coordinate with your leggings.

Step 2

Buy a pair of leggings that aren't too lose and not too tight. Get a solid or coordinating color that will match your dress or skirt.

Step 3

Try the dress and leggings on together and see how they look.

Step 4

Add a cute pair of flats or heels (if you're short) and take a loot at your self in the mirror.

Step 5

Show of your new, trendy style!

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