Monday, April 12, 2010

Wear Leg Warmers Fashionably.

Wearing this trend fashionably won't prove difficult so long as you avoid the typical ballerina accoutrements.

Skip anything ballet-esque like a bun, dance skirt, ripped sweatshirt, or tights with this trend or you'll appear to have just come out from ballet class.

Leg warmers may serve as a staple for dancers, but not everyone needs to know how to pirouette to wear them.

Boots, skinny jeans, and high heels can help make this dancer fashion trend wearable for the everyday woman.


Step 1 - Choose a pair of boots just high enough for the top of the leg warmers to show through. This works as a safe option for those just starting out wearing leg warmers. You get the effect of layers and yet not too much of them shows through. Many women wear leg warmers under their boots for fall.

Step 2 - Pair leg warmers with long tights and a mini short and high heels for a sexy yet sweet look. The tights cover your legs and the leg warmers accentuate your calves. The leg warmers added for layering will keep you warm in cooler temperatures. This style works well as a transition for those who are more daring with the leg warmer trend.

Step 3 - Wear skinny jeans underneath leg warmers with ankle boots or ballet flats to really show off your legs. Skinny jeans leave nothing to the imagination so confidence is key with this look. A billowy top will complement the form-fitting bottom, and ankle boots or flats peeking out underneath the leg warmers will tie the whole look together.

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