Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How To Dress Fashionably

Look lovely & fashionable when you follow a few simple fashion tips that the pros follow. Don't worry about spending a fortune on a new wardrobe; designer looks can be found at plenty of stores without paying the designer price. You do not must be a fashion guru or have an extreme closet makeover to be a fashionably dressed lady.

1. Wear clean, pressed clothing. Wear clothes that fit and don't follow trends too closely. Wear bright colors away from your face.

2. Look through magazines that cover celebrities like "People" and "In Style," watch current TV shows, and peruse department stores like Nordstom, Macy's and Dillard's.

3. Choose clothing colors and styles that accentuate your body type. Wear dark, boot cut pants to slim large hips with a light colored shirt. Accentuate a small bust by wearing shirts with detail and avoiding low necklines. Wear solid, dark colors to give an all over slimming look when you are heavy set.

4. Pick shirts and blouses in colors that warm your skin tone. Visit a fashion expert at an upscale department store to determine which colors work best for your skin coloring.

5. Purchase classic jewelry pieces. Avoid gaudy, trendy jewelry that will be in style for a short amount of time. Go with timeless pieces like silver hoop earrings, bangles and simple necklaces with interchangeable pendants.

6. Use shoes to update your wardrobe. Purchase trendy and classic shoes that are inexpensive from retailers like Target, Payless and Kohls. Change out shoes frequently to stay up to date with fashion.

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