Monday, April 26, 2010

Winter Fashion Colors

There are particular colors that just represent winter fashion more than others. While what's popular in colors and styles often changes with each season, there are some colors that are always associated with a particular time of year. For example, most people gravitate towards pastels in the spring and bright colors in the summer.

Rich Browns and Reds

Deeper colors are typically associated with the winter months. As the days get shorter and darker, the clothes get heavier and darker as well. Deep browns and burgundy first begin showing up in the fall, but they manage to stake a claim throughout the winter months as well. These shades tend to be flattering on most people, particularly deep reds and burgundy.

Navy Blue

Deep blue is a color that is pretty much appropriate for any season. Typically prominent in summer's nautical styles, navy blue is also a welcome alternative to blacks and grays in both the fall and winter. Because it is less harsh than black, it compliments pale complexions better.

Greens, Reds and Golds

Since Christmas is one of the big events of the winter, Christmas inspired colors also become popular during this time of year. Deep greens and bright reds can add a nice pop of color to your wardrobe. Gold accents in jewelry or handbags are also nice during this time of year. The warm color of gold brings out warm tones in the skin.

Plums and Pinks

Plum is another very flattering shade, especially in the winter. Bright colors can look to stark against pale winter skin, but deep, creamy purples and pinks can bring out the natural flush the cold air causes on your skin. These colors pair well with rich browns as well.

Black, Gray and Silver

Obviously, black and gray are the winter fashion standby colors. They look good on most everyone and pair well with many other colors.

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